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The 3 most interesting smartphones of 2020 according to Paul

Also this year, many new smartphones have been released. Of course there are again some smartphones this year that stood out for me, in whatever way. These are the most interesting smartphones of 2020 according to Paul.

Smartphones of 2020: Paul

What will stay with me in the smartphone field is that a good smartphone does not have to cost 1000 euros at all. In the past year, enough phones have been released for half of a high-end device or even less. These are the smartphones that have proved most interesting to me this year.

1. OnePlus Nord

I sometimes switch phones and this year I also owned the OnePlus Nord for a while. Except for the camera, the device can compete with the big boys, it has a fast processor, the battery is fine and an AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz. In addition, the device also has 5G. I would rather have seen one or two good cameras on the device instead of four lesser cameras. You can read the OnePlus Nord review on DroidApp.

Poco X3 NFC front


In the fall, POCO released the F1. An excellent smartphone with the fastest chipset at the time. I had to have that device. And since then I started following POCO. This year, the brand released the POCO X3 NFC, among other things. I currently use this device as my “daily driver”. A great device and fully equipped. I even dare to say that this device has enough to offer for the average user. The only thing I miss, which makes the device not “future-proof”, is the lack of 5G, but you shouldn’t expect that from a device of less than 230 euros. Read the POCO X3 NFC review for everything about this device.

Moto G Pro Stylus

3. Moto G Pro

I have been able to review the Moto G Pro for DroidApp last year. A device that positively surprised me. Despite the somewhat older chipset that the device received from Motorola, I was still impressed by the performance. Moreover, the device runs on Android One, something I always like. The stylus is a nice addition. The device also has a surprisingly good camera and stereo speakers. The Moto G Pro also got a nice spot at the DroidApp Awards.

The miss of the year

The miss for me is the Huawei P40 Lite. I have also been able to review this device in the past year. It is not even such a bad device, but the device comes without Google apps. And I can tell you that is quite a solution. Of course you can watch YouTube in a browser and install apps such as WhatsApp and Spotify in a different way, but it is not convenient. Huawei cannot do anything about this itself, it is no longer allowed to supply Google apps on its devices. Let’s hope that this is allowed again in the future or that Huawei finds another way, because the manufacturer makes very good devices.

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