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The 3 most interesting smartphones of 2020 according to Luke

In 2020 we saw new smartphones pass by with a tilting screen, foldable, small, large with one camera or a lot. I’ll give you three of my favorites from this year.

Smartphones of 2020: Luke

This year I had a fairly special smartphone, the LG Wing, a nice piece of technology, but one that did not quite meet expectations. The device certainly has potential, but because it does not quite cover the price tag in terms of hardware, you will not find this smartphone in my list.

The same also applies to the OnePlus Nord N10, there is actually nothing wrong with the phone, but it creates competition in OnePlus’ own nest and that is a shame. We also find the Huawei P40 Pro a difficult story because there is also nothing wrong with the device. But the lack of the Play Store causes the necessary irritation.

1. Samsung Galaxy A51

Anyone looking for an affordable smartphone can consider the Galaxy A51 from Samsung, as you could read in the Samsung Galaxy A51 review. The device was released at the beginning of this year and performs well in all areas. Although the camera is a bit picky at times. You get, at the end of this year, for 250 euros a lot of phone and a manufacturer that takes its updates seriously. If you are looking for a Samsung but in a higher price range, then the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is also highly recommended.

OnePlus 8T review

2. OnePlus 8T

I myself am a fan of a clean Android experience and OnePlus is a brand that has understood that well, for example with the OnePlus 8T. Without bloatware and other craziness, you get a top smartphone with the most recent hardware. Perhaps no surprise that this is also my “daily driver”. Against the excellent specifications there is a somewhat higher price tag, but if you are patient, the phone might be cheaper when OnePlus announces a new model! Be sure to read the OnePlus 8T review.

LG Velvet design

3. LG Velvet

If a phone manages to behave like a high-end smartphone but has a completely different price tag, then you have achieved a good performance as a manufacturer. The LG Velvet does that with decent battery performance, a good camera and sleek design. Where he sold for 649 euros halfway through this year, that price has now fallen below 500 euros. LG has its own user interface, but it works nicely and without fuss.

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