The 3 best iPhone apps in the App Store from week 7

The new week is just around the corner, but before that we look back on the last seven days. The editors of iPhoned has listed the best iOS apps, games and updates from last week.

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The best iPhone apps from last week

Every week, the Apple App Store works overtime. New apps, updates for existing applications and games are constantly appearing. You probably won’t notice this, because the majority of the programs are not worth downloading. iPhoned therefore separates the wheat from the chaff every Sunday. These are the best iOS apps, updates, and games from the past week.

1. Any Distance

Any Distance is a sports app, but slightly different. The application is about shaping your sports performance as beautifully as possible and not about providing exercises or keeping track of training sessions. Instead, Any Distance shows how badly you worked up a sweat with a beautiful one visual.

You can design this image yourself, but you can also choose one of the templates. Any Distance has standard photos for cycling, running and hiking, among other things. The app works together with the Apple Health app and can therefore load all your health information. Any Distance is currently free, but will be adding in-app purchases soon.

Any Distance - Share Workouts

Any Distance – Share Workouts

Luke Beard

2. Five Dates

Five Dates is an interactive romantic comedy. In this combination of a movie and a game you play the role of Vinny. This London resident is looking for love during the lockdown and has therefore signed up with a dating app. In the game you go on a virtual date with five matches and your choices determine the rest of the storyline.

The makers try to highlight the unpredictable world of modern dating. During the game, for example, you are busy answering profound questions, try to make jokes and in the meantime you also have to come across as charming. Based on your actions, dates determine whether they want to talk to you again.

Five Dates

Five Dates

Wales Interactive Ltd.

3. Doodle Dash

Doodle Dash is an adventure game released last week with a unique, hand-drawn style. The gameplay consists of jumping, running and avoiding obstacles. The ultimate goal of the game is to improve your own record. That’s easier said than done, because the elements change every time.

For example, one time you end up in a sandstorm, while the other time you end up on a jet ski and have to avoid all kinds of sharks. Doodle Dash is therefore a fun game for in between because it feels chaotic and refreshing all the time. The game is free, but does offer in-app purchases.


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