The 3 best HRM software systems compared

HRM is the abbreviation for human resource management and includes all activities and responsibilities regarding the personnel. This includes personnel management, personnel planning, registration of leave and absence, salary matters, declarations and everything about hiring new employees.

The software for HRM – also known as e-HRM – is a good example of the added value of automation in your company. This way you increase the effectiveness of your company. For example, employees can do their own payroll administration and create a digital personnel file. In this article you can read more about the 3 best HRM software systems.

#1 AFAS Software

More than 3.2 million Dutch people use AFAS Software for e-HRM. With AFAS you can arrange payroll processing, keeping track of leave, absenteeism and the recruitment and selection of new employees. All data is available on one central platform: “The system automates, you control”.

In addition, a user-friendly app is also available, which you get direct and standard access to when you take out a subscription. Various matters can be arranged here, such as declarations, pay slips, keeping your data accurate, time registration, leave and absenteeism.

In short, AFAS Software has the following advantages and disadvantages:

+ HRM arranged from one software
+ You can also contact AFAS for CRM and order management, among other things
+ User-friendly app
+ Software suitable for freelancers, SMEs and larger organizations
+ Customer service is available all day on working days
– Users sometimes call the system slow
– The software is seen as relatively expensive

#2 Employees

The Employes e-HRM system was founded in 2016 and has since experienced a growth of more than 100% for several consecutive years. More than 2,000 SME customers now use this software.

With Employes you can easily arrange your payroll processing online. Hiring an external administration office has become superfluous. Work is done in the cloud, which has the greatest advantage that it can be viewed and edited 24 hours and 7 days a week, wherever you are.

See the main pros and cons below:

+ Unlimited access to your payroll administration thanks to working in the cloud
+ Backups are made automatically in a secure environment
+ No hidden costs thanks to the fixed amount per month and per employee
+ Easily accessible customer service
– High costs when you employ many employees

#3 HoorayHR

Get rid of all kinds of loose Excel sheets, say hello to the all-in-one tool HoorayHR. This software is ideal for SMEs who need to streamline all HR tasks for their employees.

With the standard workflows – from onboarding to offboarding – you ensure that all tasks are distributed correctly and immediately. The smart notifications and handy workflows of the HR system help you keep your administration timely and up-to-date.

We also list the most important advantages and disadvantages for HoorayHR:

+ Handy templates that you can use immediately
+ Easy-to-use tool
+ Automate standard workflows
+ Organize all HR tasks centrally from one place
+ Clear overview of responsibilities
+ Good customer service
– According to some users, breaks are not handled correctly

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