The 10 best-read reviews of 2020 on Androidworld

In a little while we will close the year 2020 and toast with a glass of champagne to the new year, 2021. Before that, we will treat you to a number of overview articles, top lists and the results of the elections for the best products of 2020 . Sit back and relax, now is the time for the 10 best-read reviews of 2020 on Androidworld.

The best-read reviews of 2020

We write on Androidworld about various things, from interesting background articles such as the 10 trends of 2020 and the weekly reviews to the many tip articles and of course the daily news articles. Some extensive articles are read by a handful of people and some news articles cause servers to be overloaded. This is also sometimes the case in reverse. To give you a glimpse into which articles were very popular among Androidworld readers in 2020, we published the top 10 best-read articles of 2020 earlier this week and now it’s time for the 10 best-read reviews.

1. OPPO A91 review

OPPO started in 2018 with a relatively small range in the Benelux, including the RX17 Neo. In 2020, the product range was considerably increased and in May Jeffrey took a closer look at the midrange OPPO A91: “Can I recommend the device? I say yes, unless you can’t live with OPPO’s ColorOS or place a lot of value on cameras on the phone. ” The review of the OPPO A91 was the most popular review on Androidworld this year.

2. Galaxy Watch Active 2 review

At the beginning of 2019, Samsung showed the Galaxy Watch Active. Is the new Watch Active 2 a worthy successor? Sven took the watch with him during his daily sports activities and judged it. This resulted in a second place in the top 10 of best-read reviews of 2020.

3. Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro review

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro rivals the most powerful premium phones due to its 108 MP camera, 5x hybrid zoom and Snapdragon 865. The phone is tearing off the ‘price fighter’ badge and now wants to be the best at everything. Is he too? Sebastien indicates that Xiaomi has done its best to position the Mi 10 Pro as a more premium device: “Nevertheless, the Mi 10 Pro generally cannot compete with the competition in this high segment.”

4. OPPO A9 (2020) review

The OPPO A9 is a budget phone with four cameras on the back, including a 48 MP one. Has OPPO made a strong budget phone with this phone or are there weaknesses too? According to Loes, the versatility of this budget device is a great asset, and she refers to the screen, the camera and the battery life. “This device is a smart move for parents with many activities, for example.”

5. Chromecast with Google TV review

Google has been releasing its Chromecast for several years. That’s a small HDMI dongle that can make any ‘dumb’ TV smart. The Chromecast with Google TV is also an HDMI dongle, but with three important differences compared to older Chromecast dongles. Claudia was positively surprised: “The Chromecast with Google TV should be the entertainment center of your living room. At least I get that feeling and the stick largely succeeds in that. The Google TV interface is very clear and intuitive. ”

6. Samsung Galaxy A51 review

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is a mid-range model with a number of new features compared to its popular predecessor, the Galaxy A50. The phone costs 369 euros and for that money, according to Claudia, you get a phone with an excellent price-quality ratio: “Samsung has also addressed some shortcomings of the Galaxy A50 and equipped the A51 with slightly thinner screen edges and a slightly larger screen, which makes the design look good. looks nicer again and the special coating on the back is also impressive. In addition, the A51 has a lot of storage memory, a long battery life, the latest Android version and can count on Android 11 and Android 12. ”

7. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review

Samsung has announced the Galaxy S20 Ultra in its S20 series. You can buy this high-end phone with 108 MP camera and 100 times zoom from 1,349 euros. Is this Galaxy S20 Ultra worth your money? According to Claudia: “All in all, it is a solid all-rounder with the very latest techniques on board. These techniques may not (yet) perform at the optimal level, but Samsung has already given all these new techniques a significant push in the right direction with the S20 Ultra. So with the S20 Ultra you have a phone with the best of the best for the best price. ”

8. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus review

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is the middle phone of the S20 trio, but the best-selling flagship of the three. Mathieu investigated how good this phone is and came to the following conclusion: “The impression the S20 Plus has left on me is that it is a real all-rounder. I’m not only talking about the computing power of the device, but also the beautiful photos, the beautiful screen with a high refresh rate and the useful functions and options in the software. But even with a top device that performs strongly in almost every area, it is not all rose scent and moonshine. ”

9. Fitbit Charge 4 review

The Fitbit Charge 4 is a fitness tracker with some new options to monitor your health. Is this fitness tracker a full-fledged successor to the Charge 3? Sven said in April of this year whether this Fitbit Charge 4 is worth the money: “The Fitbit Charge 4 is, with a price of 149 euros and 169 euros for the special version, not the cheapest on the market. For that you do get the excellent combination of the extensive Fitbit software and a premium fitness tracker with GPS and NFC. ”

10. Cowboy e-bike review

The Cowboy e-bike is an electric bicycle that doesn’t look like an e-bike at first glance. Peter tested the bike and said the following about it: “The Cowboy e-bike has a price of 1990 euros, which is not cheap. If you compare it with what other brands demand, such as the Nua Electrica, you will soon pay double for about the same product. Nevertheless, it remains a strong and above all very smart product and we are already looking forward to a successor that will put an end to childhood mistakes. ” The Cowboy e-bike closes the top 10 best-read reviews.

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