That’s why we love Black Friday: 7x cordless vacuum cleaners with a big discount

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Because the suction nozzle of this Philips vacuum cleaner sucks up dust from both the front and the sides, you can also easily clear difficult corners. Don’t miss a spot? Thanks to the LED lighting, you can see dirt better. Battery life: up to 40 minutes. Order it here

AEG never disappoints, not even with this cordless vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the soft wheels and brush, you can use it effortlessly on delicate wood floors. Do you want to vacuum the rug by the coffee table or the low-pile carpet in the bedroom? Then switch on the turbo mode. Battery life: up to 30 minutes. Order it here

May look like a complicated device, but it isn’t. This Rowenta Air Force Flex has a flexible piece in the bar. This makes it very easy to get under low furniture, such as the sofa or bed. Very nice. Battery life: up to 35 minutes. Order it here

No more messing around with wires: you just have to click this Dyson off the charging point. It is light, manoeuvrable and can also be used as a petty thief. And – not unimportantly – it looks nice too. Battery life: up to 40 minutes. Order it here

With this model from AEG, you can make hard or wooden floors dust-free in an instant, and the soft brush removes even the finest fine dust from the ground. Battery life: up to 45 minutes. Order it here

This Bosch vacuum cleaner has so many different nozzles that you can be sure to reach every nook and cranny. It is also perfect for people with pets, because the turbo brush removes animal hair from hard floors and carpets in no time. Battery life: up to 40 minutes. Order it here

A Miele vacuum cleaner that looks very sleek. But that’s not all, because the upright vacuum’s battery is recharged and ready for use in just 4 hours. Want to pack crumbs around the dining table? You have the furniture nozzle for that. Battery life: up to 30 minutes. Order it here

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