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That’s why she still streams in a bikini

Since splitting from her husband, Amouranth’s life has completely changed – but apparently her content hasn’t. At least some of her viewers denounce this and accuse her of lying to her. Now, however, Amouranth is bursting at the seams and she explains on Twitter why her current content is still primarily aimed at adults.

Amouranth bursts the collar: calculates with critics on Twitter

Amouranth hasn’t had it easy in recent years. According to her own statements, she was forced to stream by her husband and put under psychological pressure by him. But a few months ago, the Twitch streamer pulled the ripcord and revealed to the world how she is treated by her husband and broke free from his clutches (source: game tips).

But has Amouranth’s Twitch content changed since this scandal? Your biggest critics don’t seem to see it that way. They think that Amouranth is still on the same track and has lied to their fans. Normally such accusations bounce off the streamer, but now she has spoken up on Twitter and explained why she thinks it is totally irresponsible would have been to change their content from one day to the next:

β€œIt would be selfish and irresponsible to turn my content upside down right away. I have given my staff involved in the erotic content 60 days notice and let them know that they can find other employment but that their position will be secured for 2 months.”

Amouranth keeps almost all employees

Around 30 employees work for Amouranth – and according to their own statements only one decided to quit his job and find a whole new one. All other employees will continue to be employed at Amouranth companies.

How Amouranth’s content will develop in the future is still uncertain. However, she says she has “tons of fun projects in the pipeline.”

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