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That’s why Rewe is putting an end to the bonus points

At the end of 2024, Rewe wants to end its cooperation with Payback. The retail group seems to have plans for its own customer loyalty program. The backgrounds.

“Do you have a Payback card?” Customers who shop at Rewe will probably no longer hear this sentence in the future. Because the retail group ends its cooperation with the loyalty bonus program.

That’s why Rewe separates from Payback

how the Handelsblatt among other things, Rewe and Payback have extended their collaboration by another two years. At the end of 2024, however, the cooperation should expire.

How different media report, the Rewe Group seems to want to set up its own customer loyalty program afterwards. A spokeswoman for the company also confirmed that the group would go its own or other ways after the end of the cooperation with Payback.

Rewe is looking for more direct access to customer data

Having its own loyalty program would give Rewe the advantage of being able to manage customer data in-house. The company would also have direct access to all the necessary information. In addition, the supermarket chain could individualize its range and tailor it directly to customer needs.

Other food companies have also introduced their own customer loyalty programs in the past. For example, food retailer Lidl relies on its Lidl Plus app. Kaufland also has its own system.

Rewe: Payback loses one of the largest partners

Rewe’s decision is likely to be a bitter loss for Payback. Because the trading group, with its millions of customers, is one of the most important partners food newspaperwhich first reported on it.

Rewe introduced the Payback points collection system in the supermarket business back in 2014. The discounter Penny, which belongs to the group, followed in 2018. More than 50 percent of the total of 31 million Payback customer cards circulating in Germany come from the Rewe Group.

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