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That’s how you tell that Sinterklaas does not exist

Remedial educationalist generalist Fiona Craenen answers. “It is often easier than you think,” she says, “because children themselves already come up with the question. “Gosh mom, little Pete from my class says Sinterklaas doesn’t exist.” Just feed back the question: “What do you think?” In this way you will at least know whether the question arises from his own doubts, or from the fact that other children have informed him. When it’s time for the truth, now’s the time to head it in. In this way you remain credible as a parent. “

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Secret to yourself

Anyway, for the same money that question never comes at all. Fiona: “I like the book Pedro and Solana, the great Sinterklaas secret by Kees Lintermans in that case a nice book to read with your child, in preparation for your announcement. It also means that it is a secret that you must keep to yourself. In addition, it immediately gives a nice insight into the history of Sinterklaas. And it is clear that it is not just some played story. ”

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Incidentally, the news does not arrive at all for many children at first, says Fiona. “Then you have to repeat the message a few times. Children remember what they want and can handle; they will naturally come up with more questions. Moreover, it can also feel like a loss for your child. Sinterklaas is something nice that they probably have fond memories of. ” A good idea, Fiona thinks, is to immediately discuss how you will celebrate the party in the future.

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