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That’s how incredibly popular the Pixar movie Soul is

Rather than being released in theaters, Soul came straight to Disney +. A masterstroke, as it turns out.

Because members of the subscription service knew where to find Soul. Unlike, for example, a release like Mulan, subscribers didn’t have to pay extra to watch the brand new movie. And that is reflected in the figures.

Soul on Disney +

According to Deadline, Soul on Disney + was good for 1.669 billion viewing minutes from December 21 to December 27, 2020. The Office is number two, with 1.4 billion viewing minutes. Unfortunately, we cannot watch that series in the Netherlands on Netflix because of the rights.

Bridgerton is in third place. The series on Netflix was good for 1.2 billion viewing minutes. Remarkably, The Mandalorian is only fifth on Disney +. The series is good for 1 billion viewing minutes with 16 episodes. Other well-known series in the list are The Crown (7) with 700 million viewing minutes, Grey’s Anatomy (8) with 691 million viewing minutes and Criminal Minds in ninth place with 648 million viewing minutes.

It is not surprising that a family film in that period scored so well. Because you don’t want to watch a horror movie or exciting action thriller with the family on the couch. This makes Soul a direct success for Disney +.

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