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The iPhone 15 will be the first iPhone with a USB-C connection. And that has a big advantage, because wireless charging will soon be much faster with the iPhone 15.

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iPhone 15 gets USB-C

It is almost certain that the iPhone 15 (Plus) and iPhone 15 Pro (Max) will have a USB-C connection this year. The European Union recently passed a new law, which states that from November 2024 all new electronic devices must have a USB-C connection. This should reduce electronic waste in the future.

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According to the new legislation, Apple is in principle obliged to provide the iPhone 16 with a USB-C port. According to rumors, Apple is ahead of the law and the entire iPhone 15 series will already have a USB-C connection this year. And that is good news, because the wireless charging of the iPhone 15 will probably be much faster than we were used to so far. We tell you why.

Apple limits charging speed

With the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, Apple introduced the function to charge your phone wirelessly. An important condition when wirelessly charging your iPhone is that you use a charger that has been approved by Apple. In practice, this means that you must use a MagSafe charger to achieve the maximum charging speed. This is a maximum speed of 15 watts.

Are you using a charger that is not approved by Apple? Then Apple limits the charging speed of your device. Where the maximum speed with MagSafe is still 15W, this is reduced to 5W to 7.5W with a non-qualified charger. This is much lower, but that may change with the iPhone 15.

The European Union has already indicated that they will not allow Apple to limit the charging speed of certain USB-C cables. Earlier there were rumors that Apple is working on charging cables with a special MFi certification (Made for iPhone). Cables without certification cannot reach the maximum charging speed.

MagSafe is becoming the standard in wireless charging

Work is now underway on a new generation of wireless charging of devices. Apple’s MagSafe is seen as the basis for this new generation, as a result of which all wireless chargers will soon work with this technology. The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has already announced that the next generation of the Qi charging standard will use MagSafe.

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Qi2 is then the new general wireless charging standard and thus builds on Apple’s MagSafe charging technology. It is expected that there will no longer be a limit on the charging speed of wireless chargers that are not from Apple, because all wireless chargers will soon work with Apple’s technology. Therefore, charging the iPhone 15 will always be possible with the maximum charging speed of 15W.

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All iPhone 15 rumors in one place

Wireless charging of the iPhone 15 is therefore a lot faster after the introduction of the new charging standard. This way you will never be left with an empty iPhone again. Is it empty? Then you can quickly charge it with a wireless charger. If you use an old wireless Qi charger without MagSafe, the charging speed will probably still be limited with the iPhone 15.

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