That didn’t work. The German leaflet missed the Pixel 6 award

We’ll only sleep a few times and Google will officially introduce ours to us new phones from the Pixel 6 series. These are, of course, under scrutiny and exposed to regular leaks and speculation, because after a short break it is about real flagship models, and this time Google is taking care of the lure. The American company has already released some interesting information to the public. But what was certainly not planned is unhappily published leaflet, in which the confirmed price of at least one of the variants is located.

The faux-pas was taken care of by the German chain Saturn, which placed Pixel 6 in its promotional newspaper in a memory variant of 8/128 gigabytes and at a clearly set price. She does 649 euros, ie about 16,500 CZK. Pre-orders from this company include a gift in the form of BOSE 700 headphones at a price of approximately seven thousand crowns. The more equipped Google Pixel 6 Pro model does not appear in the leaflet, but its price should, according to sources that correctly revealed the price of the standard variant, be 899 eur. It is a approximately CZK 22,900.

What do you say about the price of both variants?

Source: GSMArena

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