Test winner from Stiftung Warentest on Amazon

Air purifiers with HEPA filters remove pollutants from the air without generating harmful gases such as ozone.

Image source: Philips

Air purifiers are very popular in the fight against the corona virus. Amazon has the current test winner from Stiftung Warentest on offer at a reasonable price. GIGA reveals whether it is worth buying.

Air purifier on Amazon: Philips AC2889 / 10 for less than 350 euros on offer

Air purifiers filter aerosols from the air and can thus reduce the spread of coronaviruses in closed rooms. The waiting test foundation recently announced that it actually works well if certain criteria are observed. In addition, the consumer organization has tested several devices and chosen a clear favorite, which also scores best in the corona post-test: the Philips AC2889 / 10, which at Amazon currently for 349.99 euros (instead of EUR 479.99 RRP) is offered. This is currently the cheapest online price.

Philips AC2889 / 10 air purifier

Philips AC2889 / 10 air purifier

Air purifier Philips AC2889 / 10: The test winner can do that

Especially in winter, when it is not possible to air the room all day, the air purifier helps to reduce aerosols and fight (corona) viruses. In addition, pollen and fine dust particles are filtered out, which is beneficial for allergy sufferers.

  • Filters viruses, aerosols, pollen, dust, bacteria and ultra-fine particles up to a size of 0.02μm
  • Removes odors and gases from the air
  • Allergy Mode: Removes up to 99.97 percent of airborne allergens
  • App for iOS and Android to control the air purifier, including information about the air quality outside and inside
  • Purifies the air in rooms up to 79 m²
  • Quiet sleep mode for night-time operation and auto mode for fully automatic control

Air purifier Philips AC2889 / 10: is it worth buying?

The test-winning air purifier from Philips is available at Amazon at the currently cheapest online price. But not everyone can or wants to pay 350 euros, especially since there are cheap alternatives from 70 euros. However, these do not purify the air as thoroughly as the Philips AC2889 / 10. However, they may be sufficient for small rooms, such as children’s or study rooms. In short: If you are looking for quality, you should go for the test winner, if you do not have too high demands, a cheaper device will do.

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