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Test of Xiaomi Mi Max 3: big screen and big battery

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Xiaomi is arguably THE most prolific builder of this year 2018 …
A strategy that made Samsung successful in its time, allowing the brand to “truster” the market by imposing multiple variations of its smartphones.

Well, to continue on this same pattern, the Chinese manufacturer decided to launch the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 .
Who as the name suggests, is the 3rd generation of a smartphone with a large screen.

A smartphone marketed for the first time in July 2018 in China … and which arrived in Europe in October 2018.

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1. Aesthetics: always perfect finish

The design is systematically based on rounded, back in metal, a glass face … and this is the case again for this Mi Max 3.

So, we get here a mobile with a perfect finish, and a pleasant grip
A grip that is however a little more complicated because of the very generous dimensions of this mobile.

The 6.9-inch screen imposes indeed a body size.
it must be added that the back is slippery.

But the fact remains that this mobile is very elegant, and gives a real sense of quality.
In addition it is available in 3 colors: black r (the tested version), gold, blue.

  • Dimensions: 17.6 cm long x 8.7 cm wide x 0.8 cm thick | Weight: 221 grams.

2. Image and sound: very large screen … immersive

This is because of its large diagonal screen (6.9 inches, or more than 17.5 cm).

A screen that offers a clear image (with more than 350 pixels per inch)
As well as luminous with up to 490 nits (note: while the mark claims 520 nits).

The image is also contrasted (ratio of 1500 : 1 according to the brand.]
Certainly, less good than an OLED screen can offer, but it is still correct

As for the sound, it is generally of good quality.
The phone has this connector now increasingly rare ( and yet useful) that is the mini-jack.

The speaker, located on the lower edge, provided a sound of good quality, and powerful enough to tear your eardrums.
that it reaches the 110 decibels.

  • Screen: 6.9 inches (IPS) with resolution Full HD + (2160 x 1080 pixels) with the 18: 9 format, so a density of 350ppp.
  • Sound: mini-jack and speaker on the lower edge. Classic earphone

3. Performances: known technical platform

In fact, this mobile is equipped with a Snapdragon 636 processor (accompanied by its Adreno 509 graphics processor).

Here we obtain an interesting score on Antutu, with nearly 120,000 points.
And the “max score” obtained on 3D Mark “Ice Storm Extreme” confirms that this mobile can play big 3D games such as PUBG Mobile.

Note also that this phone is declined in 2 versions (note: a habit at Xiaomi
The first one (the one tested) of 4GB RAM / 64GB ROM and the second one of 6GB RAM / 128GB ROM.

And as much to say it, the version 4Go / 64Go is already quite satisfied.
Especially since on the 64GB of ROM, 50,2Go remain available with the first start and the first updates.

  • Antutu (v7): ] 119 100 points | 3D Mark (Ice Storm Extreme): maximum score
  • Processor: Eight 1.8GHz Hearts (Qualcomm Snapdragon 636) | RAM: 4GB | Graphic processor: Adreno 509.
  • Storage Memory: 64GB of memory that converts to 50.2GB at first boot.

4. Connectivity: complete

So we appreciate the presence of a 4G LTE with the frequencies B1 / B3 / B7 / B20, but no B28 (still little exploited by French operators).

There is also a 3G connection (to be precise: HSPA).
Useful if the area where you go locate at a specific moment lack of 4G coverage.

Add to that 2 slots for sim cards .
However, it is possible to add a micro SD card (up to + 256GB – which does not accept the installation of games and applications), which results in the removal of the 2nd sim card door.

Other connectivities are logically present: WiFi (a / b / g / n / ac), bluetooth (5.0), aGPS / GLONASS / BDS, USB-C (with OTG function), radio FM, infrared, etc.

There is also a fingerprint sensor located on the back of the mobile (and which falls very well under the index).
As always on Xiaomi mobiles, this sensor is effective and did not bring me any dissatisfaction.

  • SAR (Specific Absorption Rate): 1.58w / kg at the head (1.42w / kg at the body ). It is a score too high for my taste for a mobile of 2018.

5. Operating system: always overworked

This “overlay” as I like to call it (the most precise will say “Fork”) was updated in November 2018 in version 10.

An overlay that brings a lot of design changes (fonds screens, icons) but also ergonomic (no depth of navigation, etc.).
There is also a series (reasonable in spite of everything) of the manufacturer’s applications, such as:
– Security: a clutch -all in which we find a RAM / ROM cleaner, an energy saving mode, a data usage counter, a black list of numbers, etc.
– Music: an mp3 player by Xiaomi
– Screen recorder: allows to record what is displayed, such as a gaming session
– Mi Video: a video player by Xiaomi (remains that I still prefer a good reader such as VLC, free of charge)
– Remote control: to use your smartphone as a remote control (TV, DVD player, etc.)

  • Operating system: Android 8.1 “Oreo” | On the surface: MIUI 10.

6. Usage: very large capacity battery

A large screen that allows you to read with pleasure (movie effect) videos, but also to play big video games.

This mobile is intended for Multimedia uses, but not that, since it allows to receive calls, read and send SMS / MMS / emails, consult internet pages, use a GPS navigation software, etc.

Gold, 2 others aspects allow this mobile to distinguish itself from the competition.
On the one hand, the quality photo, and on the other hand, its autonomy.

As for the photo quality it is of good level B luffante if we consider the price of this mobile.
The quality of the photos obtained with the double dorsal sensor is quite good, with an interesting control of the Bokeh effect.

Quant the quality of the photos of the photos obtained with the front sensor, again, we are on a satisfactory result.
Indeed, the quality of the selfies obtained is convincing.

Regarding the autonomy, the battery of large capacity (5500 mAh!) combined with a good management of energy greed, allow this mobile to exceed the 1 day before recharging, and to address relatively calmly the 2nd day.

It is also appreciated that this Mi Max 3 is equipped with Quick Charge 3.0 quick charging.
And more precisely, the recharge 9V @ 2A (ie 18w) which allows to recharge this phone from 0 to 100% in about 3 hours.

Other t original, this mobile can charge other mobiles.
This by having a USB-C to USB female cable for example.

In conclusion: its screen is its strength but also its weakness

Specifically, the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is an excellent entry-level mobile that offers an excellent user experience.
An experiment focused on multimedia and especially video playback and video games.

In fact, its 6.9-inch screen offers a real immersion capacity.
However, this large screen is also accompanied by a disadvantage, that of the overall size of the smartphone.

Thus, not everyone will appreciate the large size of the mobile and the difficulty of dragging it in certain pockets of jeans for example.
You only have to read the comments on the test videos and unpacking to realize it.

For the rest, it is a mobile friendly, with good performance and good connectivity.
What to satisfy most users.

A smartphone that we recommend, if you like big screens.

  • Pros: big screen size, look and finish, correct performance, good connectivity, autonomy (big battery)
  • Cons: SAR too high, the large screen.

See the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 test video.
Watch video from ] Unpacking the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 .

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