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Tesla in Grünheide: IG Metall criticizes working conditions

At its annual press conference, the IG Metall trade union assessed Tesla’s work to date in Grünheide. The US group was able to catch a little praise, but the focus was more on the worrying working conditions.

IG Metall, which is responsible for the region of Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony, held its annual press conference on Thursday. For almost a year, the union has also been responsible for the new Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide, Brandenburg.

The district board chairwoman of IG Metall, Irene Schulz, acknowledged how quickly Tesla started production in Brandenburg. like the one among others RBB reported. This is “a respectable achievement” and gives e-mobility a boost.

However, IG Metall was not so positive about the working conditions at the electric car manufacturer. The union has “good contacts with the now around 8,500 employees” and has many discussions with the workforce.

Bad working conditions in Grünheide

Schulz complains that the employees in Grünheide would “pay the price for the high speed”. Particularly problematic are the excessive workload in the shift system, work on weekends and insufficient staff.

The production halls, some of which are not yet finished, would also cause problems. Because they are much too warm in summer and too cold in winter. However, little effort has been made to change these working conditions.

The working atmosphere also leaves a lot to be desired

There is also resentment in the workforce about a “lack of management culture”. In the event of problems, employees are often reminded of the non-disclosure clause in their employment contracts. This leads to uncertainty and complicates consultations.

Tesla is not a company – we know that from the USA – which necessarily seeks proximity to the unions. We very much regret that because we have a completely different tradition in Germany.

Tesla is looking for a safety investigator

The search for a security investigator for the Gigafactory in Grünheide will certainly not contribute to a better working atmosphere. the vacancy according to IG Metall, raises questions among the workforce and creates distrust.

Because Tesla is looking for a Security Intelligence Investigator who, according to the job description, will, among other things, carry out “proactive as well as reactive investigations” and “act actively against internal and external threats”. The investigator is responsible for protecting Tesla’s “intellectual property, trade secrets and confidential information.”

In return, Tesla expects “several years of experience as an investigator with international/national law enforcement agencies or intelligence services and/or equivalent time in a corporate security environment.” The aim of the body is to “detect, evaluate, prevent or protect against any undermining of Tesla’s business operations”.

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