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Tesla and VW are facing big problems

E-cars are in demand, but long delivery times often throw a spanner in the works for customers. The new Stromer takes months, in some cases even years, to arrive. Car manufacturers like Tesla and VW can hardly save themselves from orders. But Germany’s car pope Ferdinand Dudenhöffer warns that things will not go on like this.

Less money, expensive e-cars: Autopapst worried about VW, Tesla and Co.

Long delivery times have practically become the norm for e-cars. Customers who only have to wait a few months for their new Stromer can count themselves lucky. Car manufacturers like VW have long since sold their entire annual production. So why does auto pope Ferdinand Dudenhöffer see it? problem coming to the car manufacturers, does everything look rosy?

According to the expert, there is an “explosive mixture”: 21 percent more cars were built in May and June 2022 than in the previous year. Several indicators would suggest “that a clear trend towards reducing the high order backlog has” (source: The shareholder).

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Lease an e-car and collect a bonus of €6,000

This contrasts with the overall economic development in Europe: “Enormous increases in energy prices are slowing down economic growth and thus the car market,” continued Dudenhöffer. Rising inflation and economic weakness could cause the new car market to stumble.

“In a few months, the problem will be a clearly declining willingness to buy,” he says with certainty. The fact that the government will reduce the environmental bonus also contributes to this. Dudenhöffer had already sharply criticized the decision. In plain language the car pope fears that soon no one will want to buy their vehicles from the car manufacturers.

You can find out what speaks for an electric car in the video:

The hour of the customers could soon have come

But what does this mean for customers? It’s still difficult to foresee. Ideally, Tesla, VW and Co. come to the conclusion that it it’s better to sell cars at all than earning as much as possible per sale.

In the years of the pandemic, the industry relied on expensive models and thus reaped record margins and profits. The coming months could be a sign to think back and Reach out to buyers with strong offers. The chances of this are not bad if the economic situation continues to cool down so significantly and the car manufacturers threaten to be left with their vehicles.

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