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In the vast majority of building strategies, you start on a green field, which you gradually repaint with gray – roads, buildings and factories. The once beautiful landscape will disappear, leaving only urban traffic and pollution. In Terra Nil, you will try the exact opposite, that is, to return nature to a devastated wasteland.

Instead of starting on a green field, you start on brown-gray, lifeless soil. But that will soon change. With the first buildings powered by wind turbines, you will fill arid streams with life-giving water and begin the greening process.

The first grasses will sprout, flowers will appear, forests will be created and in time other life in the form of forest game, birds and the like will return to such an area. Basically, it resembles the terraforming of Mars, with the difference that you don’t need glass domes here, because there is enough oxygen from the beginning.

Once you color the entire, procedurally generated map green with beautiful, painted graphics, you will face the last task. All your buildings needed to restore the ecosystem are ultimately the only flaw in their beauty. And so in time it will tear everything down and take it away. Your task is complete and you will be left with only seemingly untouched nature.

As you can see, the genre of building strategies still has a lot of ideas and we are very curious how such a calm, maybe Zen strategy will turn out when it is backed by Free Lives, the creators of action and crazy games like Broforce, Gorn, The Expedabros or Genital Jousting. Terra Nila doesn’t have a release date yet, but you can try her demo on June 16 on Steam.

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