Tencent takes control of Stunlock Studio (and it continues, again and again …)

Tencent do her shopping. Just a few hours after having formalized the buyout of Sumo Group (which includes the Sumo Digital studio), Tencent gets its hands on Stunlock Studio, to whom we owe it free-to-play in arenas Battlerite (6.5 million players all the same).

Since 2019, Tencent was one of the studio’s minority shareholders, but its new stake now allows it to become the majority shareholder. It is therefore not a “complete” takeover in the strict sense, but the already strong ties between Tencent and Stunlock Studio will be further strengthened. Tencent will bring in particular its high-level technical expertise, particularly in massively multiplayer online games.


Rickard Frisegård, CEO of Stunlock Studios, confirms the collaboration between his company and the Asian giant: “Tencent’s new investment demonstrates great confidence in our ability to deliver quality titles with an emphasis on gameplay above all else. It will give us the opportunity to realize our big vision for V Rising, our game in development, and will help us in our future projects, developing in the long term as a studio ”.

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