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Telegram introduces advertising and paid features

Telegram announces that it is working on a revenue model. The messaging app will work with channel ads and premium features that users will have to pay for. Telegram’s current features will remain free.

Telegram’s business model

Telegram is approaching 500 million users, founder Pavel Durov said in a message on his channel. The entrepreneur announces that the messaging service is entering a crucial phase of its existence. “When a tech project reaches this size, there are usually two options: either it will make money to cover the costs, or it will be acquired,” said Durov.

Durov announces that Telegram is working on a revenue model that will allow it to offer premium features, focusing primarily on companies running a telegram account. All existing Telegram functions will remain free and Telegram will continue to add new functions. The costs for this will be partly paid by users purchasing the premium features.

The growth of Teelgram since its inception in 2013

Ads in channels

In addition, there will also be an advertising platform that will work on public Telegram channels. Many Telegram channel owners are already using an advertising platform run by third parties to make some money. Pavel Durov does stress that all one-on-one conversations remain free of ads. “We think that showing ads in one-on-one conversations is a bad idea. Communication between people should at least be free of ads,” said the Czech entrepreneur.

Telegram says its community will also benefit from the revenue generated by the messaging service. If Telegram makes money by showing advertisements in public channels, then the owners of those channels will also receive compensation. On the other hand, artists who make premium stickers will also be able to count on a share of the profit.

According to Pavel Durov, all measures are necessary to ensure the future of Telegram. Until now, the entrepreneur had mainly pumped money from his own pocket into the platform to run it and develop new features. What do you think of the new path that Telegram is taking? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.



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