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Techland recalls that Dying Light 2 is still alive -apkrig

When we were preparing an interview for you at the end of May with the Slovak producer of the game Dying Light 2, Eugen Harton, it did not occur to us that seven months later we will not have any new information for you in connection with the game. According to Harton, the developers from Techland in Poland should have been doing well, and the producer himself expressed the hope that they could soon share more news with the fans. Unfortunately, this did not happen, and although game designer Tymon Smektala commented similarly on the Dying Light account, during the year the postponement of the game indefinitely from the beginning of this year was reminded, left. Now, at least, the developers are reminded that Dying Light 2 still exists – although fans are bitterly joking about the state of the game – and promise new information for 2021.

The information appeared at the Developer Discord, where one of the community managers wanted to wish the community all the best for the new year. “Happy Holidays from the entire Dying Light team! We are literally dying with the desire to inform you about the progress of development, we will bring an update regarding Dying Light 2 in the new year, “promises a representative of Techland. A similar message then appeared a short time ago on the official twitter account, for which the developers also prepared special artwork. When asked by fans who asked what exactly the message meant – get ready for 2021, the community manager answered in a similar vein to Discord, admitting that he should spread the same information on social networks.

The reaction of the fans is mixed, some continue to joke about how the games go completely sure they won’t see it in a few years, but others express support for the developers, and some of them even mention Cyberpunk 2077 in connection with a possible hurried release. However, the community manager reassures skeptical players and confirms that the management does not put any pressure on the developer and that his answers are generally in a good mood. “I’m glad that people are still interested in Dying Light 2, regardless of the minimum of news. When they come, we will all finally celebrate, “the manager tells another of the fans and does not skimp on all sorts of jokes.

What Eugen Harton said about the development of Dying Light 2

“The game is in good condition. After we got to the alphaversion, I can honestly say that everything fits together and the game looks very good. Stay tuned, we’re working to make Dying Light 2 a great game, and we’ll share more news with you as soon as we can. ”

The fact remains, however, that there is considerable uncertainty surrounding the development of Dying Light 2, mainly due to the low frequency of specific updates, which has also resonated in articles by Polish journalists from PolskiGamedev magazine. Several of Techland’s employees were asked to confirm to the media that the development was in big trouble, and the magazine indicated that the game might not be ready for another four years. At the same time, there is also speculation about target platforms, which of course include last-generation consoles from the beginning – delays of release along with efforts to technological progress could result in the removal of support for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which would low number of Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 owners. So this too will be the theme of next year, which will be extremely interesting to watch.

Nevertheless, we keep the fists of Techland developers and look forward to what will eventually emerge from Dying Light 2. In the end, we were amazed by the game itself at last year’s E3, and from the demonstration that Jirka could watch behind closed doors, we got great impressions.

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