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Taking good care of yourself in the summer: this is how you do it

Hurrah! It’s summer. The time for swimming, sunbathing and cocktails, but also the moment to (really) take care of yourself. With these tips you will start the summer radiant and you will come out recharged.

A good start is half the work.

Apply well

Little reminder: apply sunscreen from head to toe when you go out into the sun. Yes, even in the shade. And don’t forget to reapply after two hours. It is even better to stay out of the sun during the hottest hours, between 12 noon and 3 pm. More do’s and don’ts? We have listed them.

Enjoy a juice cure

Are those pasta salads and barbecue dishes coming out of your nose? Give your body and mind some rest with a juice cure. Sapje’s drinks consist of at least 85% raw vegetables, so you won’t be short of anything. Also delicious as a snack. Extra nice: you don’t have to work with a blender yourself, because the juices are simply delivered to your door. Would you like to try the Sapje ​​products? With the code KEK10 JUICE you get a 10 percent discount on your purchase. More info? Look at

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Nice sweat

Taking good care of yourself also means getting enough exercise. Go for a walk every day and do at least two and a half hours a week of moderate-intensity exercise. And no, you don’t have to sweat for hours in the gym for that. Start with a short workout from Kelly Beukers. Push the furniture aside and challenge your partner to this couple workout of less than ten minutes.

Take a step back

As mothers, we have a knack for taking care of everyone but ourselves. High time to take a step back. That does not mean that you immediately have to go on holiday alone for a week. Pamper yourself with a good book (or the latest Kek Mama), settle in the garden with a podcast or hop from patio to patio in a fun city.

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