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The Black Friday craze has begun and MediaMarkt has listed the best Samsung deals for you! Only now you can score the highest discounts on smartphones, earplugs and wearables. Be quick because the stock is limited!

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Of course, MediaMarkt also turns out big during Black Friday, which is why the company has already started with the coolest offers on all kinds of Samsung products. “By far the best”, is this year’s slogan and nothing could be further from the truth, because the company is committed to a period of the best deals and therefore the highest discounts!

You can of course order online and have your product delivered to your home. But what could be more fun than having the product at home as soon as possible? That is why you can also order online during Black Friday, and pick it up the same day at one of the 50 physical stores! They are spread throughout the Netherlands, so there is always one nearby.

The best deals from Samsung

In this Black Friday period, there are all kinds of Samsung products on offer. This not only concerns smartphones, but also, for example, wireless earbuds or wearables. We have listed the five best deals for you. Be quick, because stocks are limited and gone = gone.

Samsung Galaxy A51 – from 289 euros to 239 euros

The popular Samsung A51 is for example on sale and now for sale for 239 euros. The device is one of the most popular devices in the A-series, and with good reason. The A51 stands its ground in every area and is equipped with a large 6.5-inch screen. Thanks to the high resolution and the amoled panel, colors splash from the display.

On the back you will find four cameras with a main sensor of 48 megapixels. This way you can shoot a great photo in every situation, for example in the dark or with the wide-angle lens. The battery can be charged quickly and is 4000mAh, making it easy to get through the day. Finally, the device is equipped with Android 10 and the update policy of the Samsung Galaxy A51 is also in order.

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G – from 809 euros to 749 euros

Also the 5G variant of the Samsung Galaxy S20 can be scored with a substantial discount. Are you looking for a high-end device, then the S20 is a perfect match. The device has a relatively small screen of 6.2 inches with a high refresh rate of 120Hz. This provides an extra smooth experience, allowing you to scroll effortlessly through all menus and lists.

The Samsung S20 is one of the top devices from the manufacturer and offers good performance in every area. Are you looking for a high-end device with fine software, good update policy, good cameras and do you want to be ready for the future? Then the S20 5G is definitely worth considering!

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus – from 129 euros to 99 euros

Not only smartphones are on sale during Black Friday, but also the Galaxy Buds Plus earbuds. You can connect these earplugs wirelessly via Bluetooth to your smartphone, tablet or laptop, for example, after which you can enjoy the most delicious hits and beats for hours.

You can use the earplugs for up to eleven hours on a single battery charge. The box in which you take the caps also contains a built-in battery. This way you can charge them again and enjoy them for a total of 22 hours. Of course you can also use the Buds Plus for conversations, thanks to several built-in microphones.

Samsung Galaxy A31 – from 259 euros for 187 euros

The Galaxy A31 is a more affordable device and if you’re not looking for the best of the best, a very good choice. The device comes with 64GB internal storage which you can easily expand. Also a large amoled screen, a total of five cameras and Android 10 are on board.

In terms of battery you also have nothing to complain about, because it is 5000mAh, a decent capacity. A fingerprint scanner is incorporated into the screen and the front camera can be found in the small water drop notch at the top. All in all, the Samsung Galaxy A31 certainly offers a nice combination of hardware and software for this price point!

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 45mm – from 389 euros for 349 euros

Looking for a trendy smartwatch that is fully equipped? Then the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 45mm might be the ideal watch for your wrist. On the round screen of 1.4 inches you can see a lot more besides the time and steps taken. Think of incoming notifications, the weather or all kinds of insights from your workouts.

The watch works with all kinds of Android and iOS devices and the operation is easy via the rotating bezel. The case is made of steel, while the strap is made of leather. You can of course easily change straps, just like the digital dial. This way, you can easily adjust the appearance of the Galaxy Watch3 45mm for any situation.

The prices of the above products have been delivered to us prematurely by the partner. The partner may make adjustments to this during the actual Black Friday period. We therefore do our best to anticipate this as soon as possible, to show you the right deal.

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