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Image source: Nintendo / Universal Studios Japan / GIGA

The opening of Super Mario World at Universal Studios Japan is imminent and the official website is now also available. This already offers you a virtual tour of the park and lots of information.


Through the green tube into pleasure

If you have the official website of the new Japanese theme park opens, you will first be greeted by the most iconic Nintendo character: Mario. Mario is of course also represented in the park itself, but he still has much more to offer.

A flight through the big green tube takes you to the place where the action is, where attractions such as Peach’s Castle, a Mario Kart track, a souvenir shop and much more await you. One of the highlights of Super Mario World is the interactive fun. With the help of bracelets you can collect coins by solving various tasks. In the park’s own café you can then recover from the exertions in proper style.

The Nintendo Switch is small enough to take with you to the park.

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When does the park open?

The new amusement park was announced in 2016 and should actually open in time for the 2020 Olympic Games. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, the date could not be kept. Now the park should on February 4, 2021 open its doors to visitors.

To the delight of many international fans, the site is also available in English.

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