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Filming of The Last of Us for HBO is in full swing, as evidenced by new unofficial photos. They were taken by fans who are currently moving in Edmonton, Canada, near the Alberta Legislature Building, nicknamed simply The Leg. It is this building and its immediate surroundings that most likely serve filmmakers as the backdrop for Boston, where the main character Joel is located after a dramatic introduction to the game and a time shift of 20 years. Just of that photographed by Kristin Raworth, a fan, and brings the best photo of Pedro Pascal, who plays the central duo with Bella Ramsey. However, Pedro Pascal only passes behind the staff in the picture and therefore has a veil in the interest of the regulations in force. Even so, you have the opportunity to see how the developers handled his clothes and whether, at least in a not very detailed photo, he reminds you of the main character of the game or not.

In addition to the photo above, the fans also share detailed views of the scenery prepared by the filmmakers in line with what the world of The Last of Us looked like in the game. As twenty long years have passed since the day of the Plague, nature is beginning to take back all human gains, first and foremost encircling vehicles and houses with tendrils of trees and shrubs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bus, a taxi or a shopping gallery – everything works very faithfully in accordance with the model and creates a proper atmosphere of frustration and loneliness, into which the game can more than reliably dive. The evening films, which also confirm that Edmonton really serves as the backdrop for Boston, are also interesting. Not one of the photos shows a police car and its sign is omnipresent. The new photos, despite the fact that no one from HBO sanctified them, complement the only official photo of the central couple, which you can see at the beginning of this article.

Perhaps also because the authors of the series want to keep the fans in suspense, we haven’t seen Pascal and Ramsey in the face yet, and we still have to wait for a full-fledged revelation. We do not know yet when it will take place, but due to the fact that the series is not to be released until the turn of 2022 and 2023, there is still plenty of time.

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