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t3n advent calendar – door 14

No time right now?

Many exciting prizes are waiting for you in the t3n advent calendar! Here you can find out what is hidden behind the little door today and what you have to do to take part.

Do you save your backups and data on USB sticks or external hard drives? Do you even backup your devices? Or do you rely on public cloud providers with servers all over the world, opaque data protection agreements and monthly subscription costs? Do you still send files back and forth in the company for editing?

Synology is remedying all of this and is giving away two DS920 + and one DS220 + today. So there are three chances to win!

Never heard of NAS? look here.

Everyone produces data these days. Every day. They can be business critical or personal: pictures, music, copies of invoices, work files and much more. To make sure that these are not only secure but also available, Synology offers a solution that makes your life and work easier. Don’t worry about where your data is anymore because it is exactly where it belongs: on your Synology NAS.

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Synology NAS – the next generation of data servers. (Photo: / Richard Streit)

With a Synology NAS server for the office or at home, you have your data instantly available anywhere. Facilitated by the quick access via Synology Disk Manager (DSM) and via Synology Apps, you make your backups automatically and completely free of ongoing license costs and can access your files from anywhere. You manage it, release it or work on it together with your colleagues in real time. Connect Synology NAS, insert hard drives, simply set up, back up data. Finished!

A Synology NAS also offers these advantages:

  • No license costs.
  • Full control and availability.
  • Easiest setup, administration and integration into existing network structures.
  • Your data in your own cloud.

To the competition

Do you want to win one of the Synology NAS?

If you want to secure your chance of one of our prizes, simply fill out the competition form. After you’ve signed up, it’s time to wait, drink tea and keep your fingers crossed. If you win the raffle, we will send you an email to the email address you submitted. From this point you have three days to get back to us. If you fail, the prize will be entered into the raffle again. By the way: You have to register individually for each day that you want to take part in the raffle.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Synology, the sponsor of today’s prize.

Click here for the competition

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