T-Mobile expands data bundles: this is going to change

T-Mobile has announced that it is making a number of changes to its subscriptions. The mobile subscriptions are provided with more data.

T-Mobile changes bundles

With immediate effect, T-Mobile has made changes to the mobile subscriptions that the company offers. The changes relate to the bundles with 5GB internet and 10GB. Nothing seems to change for existing customers, new customers can opt for a new subscription form.

The 5GB data bundle is no longer offered. This has been changed to an 8GB bundle, where the price per month has remained the same. Another bundle that is no longer offered is the 10GB bundle. This has become the 15GB bundle and will now cost 0.50 euro cents per month extra.

The combination advantage of T-Mobile, whereby there are several T-Mobile subscriptions at the same address, will be retained. This means a €2.50 discount per month and an extra 2GB on top of your ‘normal’ data credit. No changes have been made with the 1GB bundle and the Unlimited subscriptions. In an explanation, T-Mobile announces that it has removed Datafree Music from the 10GB bundle for new customers. According to the provider, it would be difficult to find partners to offer this option, and customers would generally not consider this important when choosing a new plan.

The new T-Mobile bundles, for both a device and SIM-only, can be seen immediately and purchased at T-Mobile.

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