T-Mobile compensates SMS voters of Eurovision Song Contest

Many customers of telecom provider T-Mobile, who tried to vote during the Eurovision Song Contest, ran into problems. The provider now has news for these customers.

Voters Song Contest at T-Mobile

During the weekend of the Eurovision Song Contest, Rotterdam was turned upside down. Participants from home and abroad made a great show of it that week. The icing on the cake was of course the final.

However, not everything was smooth sailing in the final. An inventory of DroidApp showed that at least hundreds of SMS votes were not counted in the final. According to organizer EBU, at least 800 complaints have been received and since some have voted several times, the number of missed votes could amount to thousands.

In that case, users received an SMS back with the text “Thank you for participating. Unfortunately, the voting has already ended.” This was an SMS that was returned hours after the voice SMS was sent. We received signals that the problem was not only with T-Mobile, but it now seems to be.

In an SMS to voters, T-Mobile now announces that there will be compensation for those who have cast their vote by SMS. The SMS states that these customers will receive a refund from T-Mobile for the costs for those text messages.

“Dear customer, You voted by text message during the Eurovision Song Contest last weekend. Some text messages were wrongly not counted. Sorry! You will of course receive a refund from us for the costs for these text messages. The reimbursement is stated on your next invoice. Regards, T-Mobile”.

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