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Suzerain – Apkrig

Do you also like to read the news from current politics and do you think how you could manage any country in the world better than its representatives do? You will be able to prove it in the independent political simulator Suzerain from the Torpor Games studio. Respectively show their ingenuity, managerial and diplomatic skills, in short, to lead the citizens of the fictional country of Sordland, which shortly before 1954 transformed from a monarchy into a perhaps not fully democratic republic.

The Kingdom of Sordland has gone through 20 years of dictatorship and civil war, when it has turned into a republic, but the conflict has also caused a huge economic crisis, and in this situation… Welcome to office, Mr President! It is up to you to bring this country to success and prosperity. Well, congratulations, but don’t ruin it.

The gameplay is Suzerain basically a text adventure with a branching story and a stack of laws you can decide on, but also human dramas. Can you be a good father and a good ruler at the same time? And if not, what do you prefer?

Despite the military threats from across the border, you will have to do without foreign policy options. On the other hand, you have a team of very diverse counselors on hand to influence your home. But you can probably throw away all your loyal ones. Or at least not listen, as does the cabinet. Choose your friends carefully and even more carefully your enemies.

He will present you with various proposals on which you, as President Anton Rayne, have a lot of opinions, whether it is the opening of borders for refugees from Bludsko, the planned economy or your plans for the next election period. Citizens have chosen you for your democratic direction, but you have the opportunity to turn around completely and become the next in a series of dictators.

According to the developers, the game will offer a lot of different game styles or political systems that you can establish. Will you remain a pure soul or will you be corrupted? You will find out whose interests you will defend and where you will lead Sordland on December 4, when Suzerain will be released on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store.

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