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Surfshark: it does what other VPNs don’t!

Established commercial VPNs all promise more or less the same things: encryption of your traffic, change of IP address, possibility of residing in dozens of different countries, additional Netflix content, compatibility with all types of devices ( PC, Mac, iOS, Android), etc. Surfshark already offers all that, so instead of resting on its laurels, the VPN innovates by adding very cool features to its basic formula. We have selected 3 that are really worth checking out and that are exclusive to this software…

GPS spoofing

On a computer, the only solution to know your location is your IP address, but all VPNs offer to circumvent this by choosing a server abroad. On mobile, it’s more tricky, because apps often ask for permission to locate you with GPS. Surfshark will make sure to cheat this system by also spoofing a GPS position of your choice. If your IP is in Belgium or Thailand, your GPS location may indicate the same. You can also place yourself in another country to cover your tracks! We have done a detailed article on this feature here.

Multi-Hop and Tor

The servers you can choose on a VPN always have the same IP. It’s practical, but for more security, Surfshark offers Multi-Hop: you go through two successive servers! Certainly other VPNs offer the same thing, but with Surfshark you have a lot more choice. The VPN also allows you to go through anonymous servers running with Tor. There is nothing more complete on the market.

Incognito Browser

Surfshark also includes a special Internet browser that allows you to browse the Internet without advertisements or known malicious sites. With the BlindSearch feature, you will avoid tracking, ads and be 100% sure of leaving no trace of your searches locally or on the network. Finally, note that Surfshark is the only VPN on the market to offer a connection for all your devices: if NordVPN is limited to 6 devices, Surfshark has no limit on this side.

And the price in all this?

In addition to its 82% saving compared to the usual price, Surfshark also offers 2 months free and 30 days to reflect. For 26 months of non-stop protection, you will only pay €59.76 all at once, which amounts to paying €2.30/month.

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