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Surf completely free for 4 weeks – promotion ends on Sunday

Vodafone is giving you 20 euros starting credit for its monthly terminable “CallYa Digital” tariff. With it you can make calls for 4 weeks completely free of charge, send SMS and surf the Vodafone LTE network at up to 500 Mbit / s. Interested? Then you better hurry because the action will soon be over.

The promotion ends on Sunday. If you want to make free mobile phone calls, text messages and surf at maximum speed for 1 month, you should get it now.

Black Friday at Vodafone: 20 euros starting credit for a monthly cancellable mobile phone tariff with 10 GB LTE

Vodafone has had the flexible CallYa Digital mobile phone tariff on the market for almost exactly one year. For € 20 you get an all-network and SMS flat rate and 10 GB LTE data volume with up to 500 Mbit / s for four weeks. Vodafone not only offers its customers very fast mobile internet at a fair price, the tariff can also be canceled on a monthly basis.

You can currently use CallYa Digital completely free of charge for 4 weeks, because Vodafone gives you 20 euros credit. Simply give the voucher code BLACKWEEK on the action page. If you do not want an extension after 4 weeks, you should cancel the tariff immediately. It is also possible to pause the tariff (up to 15 weeks) or to switch to another CallYa tariff.

The benefits of the tariff at a glance:

Vodafone CallYa Digital 4 weeks free of charge: is there a catch?

The offer is really great, but also limited. If you are interested, you shouldn’t hesitate too long. Before booking, however, you should consider the following points:

There is no credit check, but you have to provide your bank details when booking the tariff, even if you only want to use the free 4 weeks. CallYa Digital is still a prepaid tariff, but the base price is debited by direct debit. This has the advantage that you don’t have to actively top up your credit.

As the name suggests, CallYa Digital is one purely digital tariff. There is no telephone customer service, only the possibility of contacting the provider via the MeinVodafone app, WhatsApp or Vodafone service chat.

If you have no problem with this, you can get an all-network flat rate and 10 GB LTE in the very fast and well-developed Vodafone network for 4 weeks completely free of charge with no minimum term.

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