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Supporting women in business: How MentorMe works

With its mentoring program, MentorMe has made it its mission to support women in business. A piece of software should help people seeking advice and experts from various industries bring together. In the site portrait we take a look behind the scenes of the company.

It should be common knowledge that the proportion of women in business still has room for improvement. Because he is still Portion female board members in the top 200 companies in Germany is extremely low.

But there is this to support women in finding their way professionally, developing or repositioning themselves mentoring program by MentorMe.

MentorMe: Worldwide support for women in business

Managing Director Karin Menzl founded MentorMe in 2015. The company’s mentoring program uses software to bring mantees and volunteer mentors together so that they can support each other and achieve their professional goals. For example, through targeted networking and the passing on of specialist knowledge.

MentorMe in Kenya

Since then, the start-up has not only supported women in Germany. Because the MentorMe team also launched its program in Kenya. The goal: secure new jobs and strengthen the economy.

The company hopes to support people in Kenya through industry-specific mentoring, training and networking events to help them achieve their career aspirations and goals.

For the implementation of this goal, MentroMe receives funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the European Union, among others.

MentorMe: How the mentoring program works

Since it was founded, MentorMe can now look back on 5,000 mentees. There are also 3,000 mentors in the matching pool. The organization also organizes up to 220 events, training courses and workshops every year.

Around 40 employees work in three departments in the areas of matching, community management, event management and software – partly in the Berlin office, but mostly from home.

The MentorMe team in the Berlin office. (Photo: Company)

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