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Summary of The Game Awards 2020 »Vortex

This year’s last major event is here, ending a turbulent year in which big events have moved to the online environment and in which players have lost the traditional look of virtually all major events. And The Game Awards 2020 is no exception. Accompanied by a number of promised guests, Geoff Keighley also only streams the annual awards, and in addition to a number of awards, we also have – as is customary – several big announcements.

Ark 2

The announcement of The Game Awards brought a number of surprises, but probably the most interesting is probably Vin Diesel fighting dinosaurs. This is a caliber that is perhaps difficult to overcome. The Studio Wildcard team announced the continuation of the historic event with elements of the sci-fi Ark, right with such a stellar cast. Although we do not know the release date, the game will be accompanied by an animated series called The Ark Animated Series. And she also plans to shine with interesting names, dominated by Russel Crow, Gerald Butler and, of course, Vin Diesel.

Dragon Age

The Canadian team BioWare met its expectations and at The Game Awards we could see a new trailer from the sequel to the fantasy RPG series Dragon Age, although not directly from the game itself. But if you were hoping for a flurry of new information directly in the live stream from The Game Awards, we must unfortunately disappoint you – apart from a demonstration luring the story of the game and the betting, we have not found anything else now. But fans will certainly take care of the detailed analysis and what they can’t see will come up with a number of theories based on the latest shots.

Perfect Dark

We knew earlier that Microsoft would visit the Game Awards. And if you’ve been following the past days and hours closely, you may have heard speculation about The Initiative and the Perfect Dark brand. These conjectures first appeared a few months ago, and now we are finally learning that there was no speculation. The brand is coming back in flight and one of the key topics will be, among other things, the dire ecological situation in the world. The title, developed by the Rare team, was originally released on the Nintendo 64 in 2000 and later returned as a launch title for the Xbox 360. And Microsoft consoles will remain true to the series even after years, and at least for now the game is based on Xbox.

The Callisto Protocol

The sci-fi horror film The Callisto Protocol is a third person action title, the development of which has been in charge of, among other years, the creators of the horror action series Dead Space. The Callisto Protocol will not arrive on the console or PC until 2022, but in the flood of online games, it can promise to bring a story-based single-player adventure, in which the most important role is played by a story and suspense that could be cut.

It Takes Two

A mix of cooperative platformer and adventure called It Takes Two shone at The Game Awards with a real exaggerated cut trailer. In addition to the plot about the enchanted couple in love, the trailer also revealed a bit more of the gameplay and attracted to a multi-genre mix, in which there will be no shortage not only of announcements, but also of adrenaline action. In addition, the developers promise to support the cooperative spirit of the game by the fact that purchasing the game means the opportunity to give an invitation to a friend as well, as was the case with the action adventure A Way Out from the same developer studio. It Takes Two will arrive on the console and on the PC on March 26 next year.

Back 4 Blood

The developers of the asymmetrical multiplayer actions Left 4 Dead and Evolve have prepared a new trailer for their next title – Back 4 Blood – at the Game Awards. And the novelty by its name clearly indicates the link to which the series follows. In Back 4 Blood, players once again take on the role of a few survivors in a world full of zombies. Some of them are small and agile, but others seem to have a whole football eleven for breakfast. Back 4 Blood will be released in June next year on the console and on the PC.

Loop Hero

The first surprise of tonight’s gala evening came during the pre-show and from the publisher Devolver Digital. It is a title called Loop Hero, a mix of retro pixelart, collectible card games and RPGs. In Loop Hero, the main character embarks on an endless loop of dungeons full of ordinary enemies, bosses and the possibility of building your own base. There must also be a hunt for a rich loot and a high degree of replayability defined by that infinite loop. Loop Hero will be released on PC next year.

Sea of ​​Solitude

During the pre-show, the Jo-Mei Games team also attracted attention with their Sea of ​​Solitude adventure. We could see a trailer for the Nintendo Switch edition of the game, which will be nicknamed Director’s Cut. At the same time, it is not just a renamed and additionally shiny edition. The game is supposed to bring a little extra. New features include new dubbing, a photo mode, a modified script and gyroscope support. Sea of ​​Solitude will arrive at Switch in March next year.

Century: Age of Ashes

Do you still remember Flying Heroes? The action online title developed by the Czech teams Pterodon and Illusion Softworks was published in 2000 and it was possible, among other things, to saddle a dragon and plunge into the whirlpool of multiplayer battles. And while in Flying Heroes it was possible to use a number of other flying means to fly, in the newly announced online event Century: Age of Ashes, only those dragons can be called into battle. And through them to send at the enemies as other than fire projectiles. Century: Age of Ashes is heading to computers via Steam and is due out in February next year, in the form of an F2P title.


Shady Part of Me

Open Roads

Disco Elysium

Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Endless Dungeon


Overcooked! All You Can Eat

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Evil Dead: The Game

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

Super Meat Boy Forever

Monster Hunter Rise

lite Dangerous: Evil West

We are preparing details

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