Suddenly, prices drop drastically

Electricity and gas prices have skyrocketed in recent months. Price brakes were even decided so that the costs remain affordable at least to a certain extent. These could now be superfluous, because the prices for electricity and gas are falling again – and in some cases very significantly.

Good news for everyone who is currently struggling with high electricity and gas prices and cannot find a new provider who charges lower prices. Something is happening in the market. For a few days, the prices for electricity and gas have been falling significantly for end consumers at many energy suppliers. So clearly that the electricity price brake with 40 cents and the gas price brake with 12 cents per kWh are undercut. There are decent price guarantees again and that also for new customers. I’ll show you this using the example of my electricity and gas consumption.

Electricity price comparison

I currently consume 1,900 kWh of electricity per year and pay my basic supplier 38.90 cents per kWh and 9 euros per month as the basic price. That was the cheapest provider so far. Now the tide is turning again and you can also get cheaper electricity from other energy suppliers. I take Vattenfall as an example as a provider. I would currently only 36.37 cents per kWh and pay 10.40 euros per month as the basic price (check at Vattenfall). Instead of 847.10 euros (basic supplier), I would only pay 806 euros (Vattenfall). There are then bonuses of 40 euros, but I don’t pay any attention to them.

At Vattenfall I would pay significantly less for electricity. (Image source: GIGA)

Vattenfall was just one example that currently charges the lowest price in my region. The lower prices are already displayed at Check24. Just leave yourselves there don’t distract from all the bonuses and pay close attention to the price per kWh and the basic fee. This is the only way you will know whether another provider in your region is cheaper (compare prices at Check24). This is important news, especially for people who sometimes had to pay 60 or 70 cents per kWh.

You can reduce your electricity costs with a balcony power plant:

gas price comparison

The prices are not only falling for electricity, but also for gas. I currently consume 9,000 kWh of gas per year. My basic supplier, which has also had the lowest prices here so far, currently wants 13.6 cents per kWh and a basic price of 12.59 euros. Here I came across the gas provider 123energie, which undercuts that significantly. There I would pay just over 11 cents per kWh hour in the worst case (watch at 123energie). The basic fee is around 12.40 euros per month. Compared to my basic provider that would be over 100 euros less per year.

The provider was just an example, you can also simply go to Check24 and compare the prices there (look at Check24). I would also save a lot there and my discount would be significantly lower. You don’t have to be afraid of switching either. In the worst case, you fall back into basic care. This is strictly regulated in Germany.

Important: Electricity and gas prices vary by region and provider. So you could be offered higher or even cheaper prices. That is why the zip code is always required when comparing prices.

Electricity and gas prices are falling again

I’m not saying you should switch electricity and gas providers right now. Instead, I just want to tell you that the prices for electricity and gas are falling again and you can look around for a cheaper price in the foreseeable future. Just visit different providers or Check24 from time to time and observe the prices. I’m curious to see where the prices for electricity and gas will end up in the coming weeks.

At least since the energy crisis, everyone should know what electricity and gas cost per kWh. There is enough electricity and gas available and fortunately that causes the prices to drop again. I don’t assume that we will end up at a price like at the beginning of 2022, but every euro less relieves the burden on our wallets and noticeably reduces inflation for each of us.

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