Streaming service announces big news

Disney + has made a meteoric rise. Around a year after the start, the biggest change to date is about to occur in the streaming service. Parents in particular have to be careful soon.

Within a few months, Disney + has become a serious alternative for Netflix, Amazon Prime and Co. This is also due to the large catalog of content that subscribers can access: From MCU films and Star Wars to documentaries and of course cartoon classics, Disney + has something for every taste. Despite its success, Disney + is not resting on its success and is now expanding its range.

Disney + offers adult content with Star

As of February 23, the streaming service said on twitter, Disney + is being expanded to include Star – its own brand under which Disney + wants to offer content specifically for adults. These include, for example, series such as 24, Desperate Housewifes, Prison Break or classics such as the X-Files. There are also action films such as Die Hard and the Successors. This should double the number of content on Disney +, reports the industry service Deadline.

Star’s content can be accessed via the regular Disney + user interface, but like Pixar or National Geographic can be found in a separate area. It should be possible for parents to block the star content due to child and youth protection.

A highlight not to be missed on Disney +:

Disney + is increasing prices

For German users, it should be interesting to know whether all content will really be offered at the start of Star in this country – this is often hampered by previous licenses with other streaming providers. Prison Break is currently still available on Netflix, for example. Incidentally, doubling the content is not free: the monthly fee increases from 6.99 euros to 8.99 euros. For Star, Disney + also asks users to checkout.

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