Stream on Twitch with the PlayStation 5 – here’s how

With the PlayStation 5 you can stream directly to Twitch or YouTube without any major problems. We explain everything to you step by step.

Connect your PS5 to Twitch or YouTube

So that your PlayStation 5 can stream via Twitch or YouTube, you first have to link the respective services to the console. From the main menu you can find the corresponding submenu as follows:

  1. Settings
  2. Users and Accounts
  3. Connect with other services
First you have to link your accounts via QR code or web browser.

There you have the option to link your Twitch channel to the PlayStation 5. You either need a smartphone to use the Scan the displayed QR code, or a web browser in which you are already logged into Twitch. Give in the url to get the displayed code – without space – to be entered.

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This is how you stream your game in progress

To start streaming, you must first start a game. Then press and hold the Share button and select the option transmission at the bottom right of the screen.

Before you start the transfer, however, you should check your settings. To do this, click on the three points. There you can not only determine the video resolution and frame rate of your stream, but also activate or deactivate your microphone and party chat. You can also set your stream title, chat options and camera settings.

Hold down the share button and select the “Transfer” option.

If you stream on YouTube: If it is your first stream, you have to have your Verify access to let. You can have YouTube send you a voice message or SMS that contains the necessary code. Note, however, that the verification take up to 24 hours can. So if you are planning a YouTube stream, we recommend completing the setup a day in advance.

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