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Stranger Things 3: The Game

After the Telltale breakdown, the upcoming Stranger Things adaptation was canceled. There were even shots of the prototype of the game, which revealed the slightly cartoon style of 3D adventure. We will never meet again. Netflix, however, still yearns for his own play on the successful series, so he turned to the BonusXP studio with his own experience.

BonusXP has already adapted the series for mobile devices in the successful and highly rated free-to-play game Stranger Things – The Game. But Stranger Things 3: The Game, as the name suggests, will be watching the events of the upcoming third season.

series that should start in the summer. This gives us a good idea about when we get the game version.

At Stranger Things 3: The Game, Stranger Things 3: The Game was on the move and showed something quite different from what they were doing at Telltale. As in the case of the mobile precursor, she reached for the retro coat, though with a different number of bits and a different view of the whole thing

the typical mysterious atmosphere bordering on horror is not breathtaking. It looks like a Bud-Spencer & Terence Hill puzzles – Slaps and Beans, just without humor (although Hopper’s spencers are quite funny). For Stranger Things it does not matter at all.

It does not mean the game is bad, and maybe the action passes will go down and add a mystery. But we would have believed the Telltale version more.

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