With iOS 17, Apple brings a variety of innovations to the iPhone. The cult manufacturer apparently copied one of them from WhatsApp. Anyone who gets frequent voice messages will love them.


Sent faster than text messages and livelier too: voice messages have many advantages. But if the sender never gets to the point and you can literally hear them thinking, many people wish the good old text message back. WhatsApp recognized this problem a long time ago and allows higher playback speeds. Now Apple is following suit.

WhatsApp as a model: the news app on the iPhone allows the playback speed to be adjusted

Away iOS 17 the messaging app (iMessage) also offers the possibility to Adjust playback speed manually (Source: Caschy’s blog). iPhone users just have to hold down the play button longer. A pop-up menu with different playback speeds will then open. You can then choose: 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x or 2x.

So if you receive an unnecessarily long iMessage voice message in the future, you can simply increase the playback speed and save yourself some time.

In addition, Apple has given the news app in iOS 17 more tricks. This includes the ability to create custom stickers from Live Photos, automatically convert audio messages to text, or reply directly to individual messages in chats or group chats.

Other key features in iOS 17:

Visual lookup recognizes indicator lights and symbols on the dashboard

iOS 17 also gets a beef up of the Visual Lookup feature. In the future, it will also be able to recognize indicator lights or symbols on the dashboard. In modern cars, there is often a jungle of switches. With this feature, Apple is likely to open doors to drivers.