Steve Jobs 1973 cover letter is sold twice

Two sales of one thing, the Steve Jobs 1973 cover letter. As NFT and as physical copy.

In recent years, Steve Jobs’ world-famous 1970s cover letter has been sold several times. Time and again, the letter brought in more money. So a great investment. The letter was last sold in March this year for more than two tons. Now the cover letter goes up for sale again, but with a twist.

In addition to the physical copy, the Steve Jobs 1973 cover letter will also be sold as NFT. Not only unique, but also a special sales method. Both items will be auctioned side by side on a special website. You can follow the auction of both items. The makers behind the website want to find out whether a digital value also comes close to the real thing. For the time being, that is not yet the case. At the moment, the bids for the real letter are miles ahead of the NFT.

For the seller it is double profit in this way. The auctions end in less than a week. It remains to be seen how this will play out. If the letter did not sell for more than two tons and the NFT also yields little, it would have been an expensive experiment. Bidding on the real letter is in dollars. For the digital copy you have to bid in Ethereum.

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