Steam Deck will have no problem with -apkrig levers

One day, those interested in the new Steam Deck portable handheld had to wait for Valve to launch the reservation system, and as expected, there was a huge demand for the device in all three configurations on offer. So big that at 7pm local time, when the device could be ordered, Steam began to collapse, exacerbated by the need to click during the order to pay the booking fee. In this way, Valve wanted to discourage the so-called scalpers, who would take the Steam Deck with the help of boots and gain a larger share of reservations for themselves, which worked, but probably not exactly according to plan. Those interested in Steam Deck reported that regardless of the effort to make a reservation from the first seconds of the pre-sale, they had to wait tens of minutes before the order was finally confirmed, which put them deep on the waiting list and the handheld will not arrive in December.

Valve has not yet released how many people booked Stem Deck in the first minutes, but we know unofficial numbers from SteamDB founder Pavel Djundik, who published them on Twitter. It was possible to retrieve this data from Steam’s database for the first hour and a half before Valve corrected the error and prevented other numbers from escaping. However, Djundik only noted that 55,000 units of the most expensive 512GB model and 28,000 units with a 256GB SSD model were sold in North America. In the territory of the European Union it had 9.6 thousand pieces, respectively. 5 thousand and only the United Kingdom, according to Djundik, reported 7 thousand pieces of the model with a 512GB SSD. According to the responses on social networks, there was also a huge interest in the cheapest variant with 64GB of internal storage, which is, however, a rather disadvantageous piece from the point of view of the eMMC memory used. However, it can be expected that Valve did two in the first hour sell units of hundreds of thousands of Steam Deck, which – by the way – cost millions of crowns on paid reservations.

Unfortunately, the problem with reservations leaves a bitter taste in the ranks of those who are passionate about Steam Deck, despite various shortcomings. It is still possible to understand that the basket was not available and the payment did not pass due to the huge workload of Steam. But many players shared error messages that, for example recently They have tried too many purchases and therefore must some time wait. Even more bizarre was the warning that the account did not meet the conditions – to have at least one operation in the transaction history performed before June this year – even though it was several years old accounts with many titles in the library, which were – no doubt – purchased in the usual way. The author of the Beat Saber, Ján Ilavský, for example, paid for this problem, whose account is, according to him at least 10 years old and yet he could not place an order. And even though orders were opened from yesterday for players who did not meet the conditions, the expected delivery date was moved from August this year to the second quarter of next year. Enormous interest and only a limited number of pieces has uploaded to resellers who already sell accounts with successful reservations on auction portals. The price climbs to tens to hundreds of thousands of crowns, and there are definitely those who do Great offer reach…

There will be no drifting, Valve promises

Another topic that was addressed over the weekend about the Steam Deck was a potential problem with analog lever failures. While in the case of gamepads, in the case of so-called drifting – ie unwanted movement to one of the sides – the remedy is not so expensive and in the case of the Switch, a faulty Joy-Con can at least be purchased separately, Steam Deck does not offer this option. The players therefore rightly called for some guarantee, the possibility of a complaint and simply reassurance that Valve thinks about the problem and takes some steps to prevent it. The answer comes from device designers through an interview with IGN, in which hardware engineer Yazan Aldehayyat confirms extensive stress tests and believes that users will be very satisfied with the quality of execution. His colleague and one of the designers of the entire facility, John Ikeda, adds that Valve definitely doesn’t want to risk anything in this regard and links to the official Steam Deck website. Analog levers are mentioned in it in its own section, and Valve states that it uses the technology it uses cannot be found on any portable device. It can therefore be assumed that Valve does not cooperate with the Japanese manufacturer Alps Alpine (formerly alps Electric), which supplies levers for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, and we can therefore expect a slightly different result, although we remain slightly reluctant in this regard.

However, if everything runs according to plan, we will be able to prepare a detailed test of the entire device for you in December, not only in terms of ergonomics, which does not seem to be taking into account more than 600 grams of weight god whats, but above all the performance parties. It will be interesting to continue to monitor developments in the field of game support when playing via Linux SteamOS, as well as the reactions of developers whether they want to optimize games to a 7-inch diagonal in some way. As we know from some current cases – for example, by streaming games to a mobile phone or tablet from xCloud or Switch – the unmodified interface can be literally unreadable and therefore gaming cannot be used in many respects.

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