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Starlink Satellites –

People all over the world have spotted an amazing line of moving lights across their night sky. These are Starlink satellites launched by SpaceX, and they look like a “train” of moving lights as 60 satellites are launched together at once.

Find out when you can see this phenomenon at your location.

This app is the official mobile version of the website, which has been successfully serving Starlink predictions to users since May 2019 (when Starlink was first launched). The site receives daily confirmations from users of successful Starlink sightings. This app also lets you set reminders and works offline.

Functioning :
– Designed to be simple and easy to use.
– Select the nearest town (or coordinates).
– Click on “Find visible hours”.
– The app lists the times when you can see Starlink.
– You can also click “Remind me” next to any time to get a reminder 30 minutes before Starlink is visible at your location.
– A “live map” allows you to track where Starlink is currently located in the world.

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