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Stadia: the streaming of the games on YouTube is available

Google offers the ability to stream Stadia games live on YouTube. It’s been a promise since the day the cloud gaming service was announced in 2019. We’re finally there.

Before initiating a live broadcast of their game on YouTube, Stadia will ask for some information. In particular, the player must say whether his video stream is suitable for children. It can also adjust a few privacy options before the content actually goes live on YouTube.

Other options are available. The player can thus let others join his game (if the game allows it). He can also choose what is the audio of his live video stream. It could be the sound of the game, his voice, both, or none at all. Separately, the author of the Stadia live video on YouTube has access to the viewership count at the top left.

As said before, Google had been promising live streaming on YouTube for a while now. We don’t know why it took so long. Especially since Google controls both Stadia and YouTube. One would have thought that the integration between the two would be done relatively quickly. But as we can see, it was not.

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