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Squid Game dominates worldwide on Netflix

Image via Netflix

Squid Game is Netflix’s latest hit sensation and given its game-like theme, it’s obvious why.

Netflix manages to suddenly produce a huge hit every now and then. The latest sensation is Netflix’s very own Squid Game. The 9-episode show is currently the #1 most-watched content on the popular streaming service in more than 80 countries. And it’s no surprise why Netflix dominates with this.

Squid Game dominates Netflix

Every once in a while Netflix comes up with something that exceeds all expectations and Squid Game is one of them anyway. According to FlixPatrol, the Korean TV series is the most watched show or movie on the streaming service in more than 80 countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The miniseries came to the service on November 17 and has been dominating ever since. To stay relevant in the first place with all the cutthroat competition is pretty special. Let alone so universal all over the world.

Even more special is the fact that Squid Game uses a well-known format in many ways. See if it reminds you of anything: 456 people play a deadly (children’s) game in which you have two categories of participants. The winner will receive a huge amount of money. The loser dies.

The concept has some characteristic elements of Fortnite, for example, the once immensely popular game that made the battle royale genre mainstream. That genre is based on a Japanese film of the same name from 2000. So you can see that people still enjoy deadly games where the winner gets everything. And the loser just dies.

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