Spy on smartphone photos with mSpy

The mSpy application allows you to install an invisible cookie on a smartphone to retrieve all important information: messages, call logs, calendars … but also photos and videos contained on the device.

We have already seen that with mSpy, it is possible to monitor the activity of a smartphone, to consult messages (SMS, but also WhatsApp or Snapchat type messaging) and to geolocate the device on which mSpy is installed. But mSpy also allows you to recover photos and videos from the monitored device …

Remember that this application is quickly installed in the phone of your choice. Please note, installing such an application on a device without the consent of the person is illegal in France. This is primarily intended for the supervision of your children.

Once installed on the smartphone, just go to your dashboard on a browser. Go to the Photos or Videos categories and you will have the files available …

The features of mSpy

In addition to reading photos and videos from the monitored device, mSpy offers:

  • Viewing messages (SMS, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Messenger, Telegram, Skype, Tinder, Viber, Kik, Line, Instagram, iMessage, Hangouts)
  • All web pages viewed
  • The list of installed applications with the possibility of blocking them
  • A keylogger to see everything typed on the keyboard
  • The position of the phone in real time with “geofencing” to delimit areas
The interface of mSpy is very simple and for the installation, everything is explained so that the app can be implemented and especially well hidden. It’s up to you to tell your children that they are under surveillance.

The price ?

The mSpy software is nothing new and has a reputation in the area of ​​smartphone monitoring. The best option is to take the “Premium” offer for one year at € 9.91 / month. The “Basic” offer without commitment to € 26.99 / month may sound interesting, but it lacks functionality. If you do not want to commit for a long period, but take advantage of all the options, the quarterly formula at € 23.56 / month is the best solution.

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