Spotify with lossless audio is really coming (after 6 years)

The popular streaming service Spotify announced years ago that a new subscription with lossless audio was coming. We’re just still waiting for that. But this long wait seems to finally come to an end…

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Spotify with lossless audio

As early as 2017 (now no less than 6 years ago!) Spotify said it was already working on a version with lossless audio, which would be called Hi-Fi. Unfortunately, that version never materialized, but according to a message from Bloomberg, that is finally about to change.

Where Apple Music has been offering lossless audio for two years now without charging extra money if you are already a subscriber, Spotify has so far lagged behind. And now that the better sound quality finally seems to be coming, it turns out that you probably also have to pay extra for it.

Spotify Supreme

Spotify with lossless audio will probably no longer be called Hi-Fi either. It is now more likely that it will become Supremium. In any case, that would be the name currently used internally at the company. It is not yet known how much more expensive the Supremium version will be.

Spotify Premium currently costs €9.99 per month. That is slightly cheaper than Apple Music, for which you now pay € 10.99. It is suspected that Spotify prices will rise, but that has not yet been confirmed. When Spotify will actually become available with lossless audio, it remains to be seen. But so is the company finally almost readysaid Bloomberg.

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