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Spotify tests the format of stories in its application

Spotify copies other apps and puts itself into Stories format. This is an experiment with a few playlists for now. It’s available on both iOS and Android.

The story format that Spotify uses here exists everywhere these days. It was Snapchat that democratized this system which allows you to post ephemeral photos and short videos. Their duration is 24 hours, before disappearing automatically. Facebook has adopted them, as have Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and more recently Twitter. The social network speaks of “fleets”, but it is strictly the same thing.

In the case of Spotify, stories feature artists talking about music. For the Christmas music playlist, for example, several singers say what their favorite track is. We can see that Spotify has made agreements with some of them to have their testimonials on video. We may be surprised to see that there is no option to listen to the music that is cited by the artists.

“At Spotify, we regularly perform a number of tests to improve our user experience”, explains the service to Engadget. “Some of these tests end up paving the way for a broader user experience and others only serve as important learning. We have no other news to share on our future projects at the moment ”. Until we learn more, here is what the stories look like:

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