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Spotify test function for playing local MP3 files in Android app

A new improvement seems to be coming for the Spotify app. According to the new information, this application should become an even more complete music player. The Android app should soon be able to play locally stored MP3s in Spotify’s app.

Local MP3s in Spotify app

Jane Wong, a developer who regularly shares unannounced news about apps and the like, has news about Spotify. The originally Swedish music service will receive support for importing and playing MP3 files that are stored on the smartphone itself. The indication for this is found in the code of the app. This means that it is not currently available, but given Jane Wong’s reputation, it seems like a matter of time until everyone can use the feature.

In the desktop application of Spotify, it has been possible to import music from your computer into Spotify for much longer. This is not yet possible in the mobile apps. In any case, the feature is coming to Android; It is not known whether this is also in the pipeline for iOS. For now it is only possible to import local files on the computer, put them in a playlist and then save this playlist offline in the app. The improvement should make that detour unnecessary. It is not known when Spotify will make the improvement available.

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