Sponsored – Hip to the beach with the whole family: how do you style a beach look?

When you go to the beach with the whole family, you want the outfits to be fun, but above all practical. Being busy all day changing swimwear, shorts and dresses; no one is waiting for that. With Primark’s Style Clinic, styling your beach look is a piece of cake. Just wait and see!

Going to the beach with the family is fun, but it is also quite an undertaking. First of all, it is almost a migration of peoples, so much has to be dragged along. Comfortable outfits are a must, but of course you want to look a bit cozy. That’s how you do that.

How do you style a beach look for the whole family?

Of course, as a mother you want to wear a nice outfit, but let’s not beat around the bush: you are also chasing your kids all day, changing poopy diapers and putting out toddler tantrums. In short: it must also be practical. A long, wide dress is perfect; you can move easily in it, you don’t have to hold in your stomach and your swimwear can go directly underneath. That saves a lot of fiddling in such a beach hut that is actually much too small. Not into the dresses? A short or skirt with a shirt or blouse with short sleeves also works well. Stylish and practical, plus you also wear the trend du moment; matching tops and shorts. In terms of footwear, easy slip-on slippers are of course perfect. Throw all your stuff in a large, wicker beach bag, put on a hat and go for a pair of large earrings, et voilà: a true beach babe mom is born.

Men have it a lot easier in that regard. The swimsuit can immediately serve as shorts, provided you don’t choose a speedo, of course. So go for swimming trunks that reach the knees. In terms of outerwear, the choice is huge: a blouse with short sleeves and a cool print is completely on trend, but a basic t-shirt or polo is of course always good – especially if you have swimming trunks with a print. In terms of shoes, slip-on slippers are also indispensable for men. Style it off with a cap and good sunglasses.

And what do you wear to your son on a day at the beach? A nice swimsuit and a t-shirt or a polo (perhaps matching with daddy?). Top it off with good sandals – little ones like to wear good, sturdy shoes. For the beach you can of course bring water shoes or slip-on slippers. A cap or hat should not be missing, because if they build sand castles all day in the blazing sun, you don’t want the head to burn.

For girls, the choice is huge. Go for swimwear and a dress over it, so you’re ready for the beach in no time. You can also choose a skirt with a basic camisole or shorts with a matching shirt – yes, this trend isn’t just for moms. Sunglasses and cap or hat should also not be missing for your daughter; this way you protect the scalp and eyes against the bright sunlight.

Do not forget this when you go to the beach

The advantage of such a very large beach bag? It can hold a lot. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, extra sets of clothes and plasters. Other essential beach items that should not be missing:

  • Underwear (for when you want to have a drink after swimming and don’t want the children to walk in wet swimwear under their clothes)
  • Sunburn
  • Puzzle booklet
  • Beach ball set
  • Lip care
  • Bath towels
  • Extra t-shirts, for when the shoulders turn a little red despite all the good intentions.

The great thing is that Primark, as a one-stop shop, has it all! So quickly go to one of the Primark stores or visit the renewed Primark website and shop your summer must-haves.

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