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Spirit Roots: a great platform game soon on iOS (trailer)

In development for months, Spirit Roots finally arrives at the gates from the App Store. The platform game of the studio FredBear Games has whom to hold; It’s impossible not to see the influence of a RayMan for example, even if the graphic style of Spirit Roots belongs only to him, at once childish and subtle, badly trimmed and yet detailed. The story of Spirit Roots is at least original, after a huge Star Wars leaving fragments of planets adrift, several fragments were joined to each other to form a new planet. On this new space rock, the rules are clear; it is forbidden to venture on a fragment different from its place of origin. That changes us from “ Prince who must save the tearful Princess ” … After being pushed back for the first time in October, Spirit Roots’ release is now stalled on January 28, 2019. The game will be available at 4 , 49 euros, without any additional in-app purchase. One can even pre-order the title to this address .

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