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Speedrunner achieved a record time thanks to the heating of the -apkrig console

Speedrunners very often break record times in games using a variety of bugs and glitches. But one of the latest discoveries goes much further than you might think. It does not only include “manipulation” with the game itself, but also the hardware. Players of Dragon Quest III from 1988 after more than 30 years revealedthat when they affect the temperature of the whole device, they can start the game at the maximum level. Yes, you read that right.

The key to success is said to bring the device to a temperature between 50 and 80 ° C.

Due to a bug in the game, it is possible to increase the cartridge temperature to a specific value by starting the game at level 99. And how to achieve this? You sit the whole console on something hot, such as a baking sheet or a straight stove. This anomaly was the first to be used by a Japanese player who appears on Twitter under the nickname Hitshee. He challenged the challenging and long title, which even experienced speedrunners take several hours to complete, with this trick in 22 minutes.

The key to success is said to bring the device to a temperature between 50 and 80 ° C. It is said that the discovery was due to the fact that the probability of a previously accidentally occurring error varied depending on the season, which prompted players to experiment with temperature in the hope that it was an important factor. As you may think, warming up an age-old console sounds like a pretty gambling trick, but Hitshee says he’s careful, and it’s not supposed to be as dangerous as it sounds.

Other players have already begun to imitate his trick and use other sources, such as ice, to cool the equipment to better control the temperature. The question is how to approach such a speedrun using an external means. It is not a hack game in the true sense of the word, but under normal circumstances, the error should not occur. In any case, it is an interesting combination of software and hardware bug.

Hitshee himself remarked that the discovery was not only his success, but the joint work of other colleagues. An older breakthrough led to the current breakthrough that statistics can be maximized by repeatedly shutting down and turning on or restarting the console. This, too, obviously led to the console warming up. Therefore, the players focused on the temperature and the increase in the probability of glitch. However, the result of the console they use will probably also affect the result. And on the contrary, someone managed to make the mistake by significantly cooling the whole device with the help of ice bags.

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