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Tomorrow, Tuesday, a special application for PlayStation 5 is supposed to reveal the secrets of Abandoned. Well, at least we hope so. Perhaps the real-time rendered trailer will answer all the fans’ questions and will not be just another chapter in a complex story that will stir up a new round of speculation.

A few hours ago, the authors of Blue Box Game Studios they wrote on Twitter that an introductory teaser awaits us, while the founder of the team, Hasan Kahraman, has been silent on the social network for a few days. He last explained the “huge confusion” around trees and vegetation. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t say anything at all. In an interview with AlHub magazine, he mentions, for example, that he invented the so-called Realtime Experience because they have limited resources for development and promotion. According to him, players will see authentic 4K and 60 fps graphics in real time.

“I’m sure people will really like Abandoned.”

From our point of view, however, it is more interesting that he comments on the relentless speculation on the account of a mysterious project. According to him, all the speculations about Kojim and Silent Hill are crazy and had a negative effect on the development process, because they were disruptive elements. “But I’m sure people will really like Abandoned,” he says confidently. He is said to believe in the game, and therefore its acceptance.

Of course, Kahraman didn’t say much about the title, but something did. According to him, Abandoned is a first person event in a realistic environment with elements of horror, but it is not supposedly a classic horror movie like Resident Evil or Silent Hill. Oops. But there will be no shortage of scary scenes. Kahraman attracts with realistic motion captire, slow fire, absent HUD or visual inspection of ammunition. We will feel the empty tray again thanks to the DualSense driver.

Abandoned place in America

But in some places we have already noticed this in older information. Another mention is more striking. “I can’t say much about the game, but I can tell you that it takes place in a deserted place in America where a sect lives,” Kahraman said. To which fans react with humor of their own: “An abandoned place in the United States where ash falls and a strange group of people live there, you say?” Well, that’s enough, I think.

The identity of a mysterious man with an eye patch (he is said to be a villain) is still being solved, but that would be carrying wood into the forest at the moment. Let’s wait for tomorrow. What do you think – will we finally find out what it is like, whatever the truth? Or will only another mystery come out of the revelation?

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